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News Releases


September 20, 2017
Maven's Notebook Entry: Enhancing Groundwater Recharge with Stormwater, a summary of a presentation by Dr. Andy Fisher


September 14, 2017
Board to Receive Update on Basin Management Plan Implementation


July 15, 2017
Register Pajaronian Article: PV Water Kicks Off Next Phase of Basin Plan


July 10, 2017
Open House and Community Meeting Presentation


July 8, 2017
Register Pajaronian Article: Conserving a Vital Resource


July 1, 2017
Register Pajaronian Notice: PV Water Meeting to Discuss Groundwater Basin


June 28, 2017
PV Water to host Community Meeting, July 10, 7 PM


May 8, 2017
May is Water Awareness Month


April 25, 2017
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Stanford Study Links Extreme Weather, Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming


April 8, 2017
Register Pajaronian Article: Report: Water Usage Decreasing


March 27, 2017
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Pajaro Valley Water Combats Seawater Intrusion with Two Planned Projects


March 13, 2017
PV Water Board Takes Action


December 27, 2016
Deadline Approaches for Fallow Land Incentive Program


December 23, 2016
Register Pajaronian Article: PV Water Appoints Interim General Manager


November 22, 2016
PV Water General Manager Announces Retirement


November 3, 2016
Register Pajaronian Article: PV Water Provides Basin Plan Update


November 1, 2016
College Lake Community Meeting a Success


September 26, 2016
Basin Management Plan Yields Results


August 10, 2016
Creating Incentives to Boost Groundwater Recharge


July 29, 2016
PVWMA Saves Rate Payers over $27 Million through Refinancing Bonds


July 14, 2016
Sacramento Bee Op-Ed Piece on Groundwater Availability by David Guitierrez, DWR


June 20, 2016
PVWMA Focused on Both Water Quality and Quantity


May 9, 2016
Governor Brown's Executive Order - Making Water Conservation a Way of California Life


May 2, 2016
PV Water and City of Watsonville host Dignitaries from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation


April 25, 2016
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Santa Cruz County Water Experts Take Cue From Solar Industry


April 20, 2016
PV Water Launches Landmark Groundwater Rebate Program


April 11, 2016
Drought Tolerant Landscape Demonstration Project


March 25, 2016
SJ Mercury News: Groundwater Law, Winter Rain Trigger Flood of Aquifer-Recharge Experiments


January 20, 2016
Water Forum Highlights Collaborative Efforts for Water Management in Santa Cruz County


October 16, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: PV Water Drills New Monitoring Wells


October 3, 2015
Register Pajaronian Article: Project to Improve Water Delivery


October 1, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: New Infrastructure to Reduce Pajaro Valley Water Problems


September 25, 2015
Register Pajaronian Article: PVWMA Drilling Wells to Monitor Groundwater


September 23, 2015
Circle of Blue Article: Here Comes the Sea: The Struggle to Keep the Ocean out of California’s Coastal Aquifers


September 15, 2015
Circle of Blue Article: California Groundwater Law Tests State's Capacity to Oversee a Vital Resource


August 30, 2015
PVWMA to Become Groundwater Sustainability Agency


August 18, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Crop Report for 2014 Shows Steady Growth


August 15, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Pajaro Farmers Curb Water Use 19 Percent


August 5, 2015
Now Available: "The Official Water Conservation Guide for Santa Cruz County"


August 3, 2015
Mother Jones Article: California Water Use


July 24, 2015
Community Commitment for Groundwater


May 24, 2015
PV Water Board Adopts New Rates


May 17, 2015
PV Water Saves Ratepayers $3,500,000


April 30, 2015
2015 is Water Awareness Year


April 16, 2015
PV Water Refinances Debt and Saves Ratepayers $3.5 million


April 15, 2015
Big and Small Ways to Deal with the Drought - Appeared in Register Pajaronian


April 15, 2015
PV Water Holds Second Public Outreach Meeting


April 9, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: PV Water Plans Public Meeting on Proposed Rates


April 8, 2015
Sacramento Bee Article: Director of Dept. of Water Resources, Mark Cowin, on the Drought and Conservation


April 7, 2015
Governor Brown's Executive Order - Mandatory Conservation Fact Sheet, and Draft Regulatory Framework


April 6, 2015
PV Water to Hold Informational Breakfast Meeting on Rates


April 1, 2015
Governor Brown's Executive Order - Drought & Conservation


March 6, 2015
Scientific American Article: California Farmers Confront Ominous Groundwater Shortage


March 3, 2015
PV Water Drought Response Capital Projects


February 9, 2015
Director Cavanaugh Open Letter Regarding the Cost of Service Study


February 3, 2015
PV Water Board Honored


January 27, 2015
PV Water Board Adopts Service Charge Report


January 14, 2015
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Pajaro Valley Farmer Taps Water Saving Sprinklers


November 5, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Santa Cruz County Residents Among States Most Efficient Water Users


October 22, 2014
NPR Coverage of Pajaro Valley & California's Drought Survival Strategy (transcript) (audio - mp3)


October 22, 2014
KSMSTV Interview of PW Water Director Javier Zamora - Leyes para regular el suministro de agua (en Espanol)


October 15, 2014
Good Times Weekly Article: Dry Valley [Pajaro Valley Managed Aquifer Recharge]


September 25, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Pajaro Valley gets $10 Million for Water Projects


September 24, 2014
PV Water Leads Successful Effort in Securing $12.3 Million in Funding


September 22, 2014
PV Water Approves Proposal to Take Advantage of Special Financing


September 16, 2014
Governor Brown Signs Historic Groundwater Legislation


August 25, 2014
PVWMA Considers Proposals to Save Hundreds of Thousands Annually


August 18, 2014
Revamped Regional Website to Help the Community Save 5 Million Gallons of Water a Year


August 6, 2014
Growing a Solution to California's Water Crisis


August 5, 2014
Water Agency Considers Drought Project Funding and Debt Reduction


July 15, 2014
City of Watsonville Wastewater Recycling Plant Tour


July 1, 2014
JUST RELEASED: Rural Residential Toolkit


April 21, 2014
Basin Management Plan Adopted


April 10, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Farm Conference Focuses on Water Conservation


March 20, 2014
Basin Management Plan EIR Delayed by Water Agency Board


March 19, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: PVWMA delays adoption of groundwater plan


March 3, 2014
Monterey Herald Article: In Monterey Bay area, automated crop care grows on farmers


February 25, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Santa Cruz City Council Declares Water Shortage


February 19, 2014
Governor, State Leaders Introduce $687 Million Emergency Drought Legislation


February 14, 2014
KION News Coverage: Pajaro Valley Hoping for Federal Funds for Drought Concerns


February 9, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: In Pajaro Valley water challenges go deeper than drought


January 17, 2014
Governor Brown Declares Drought State of Emergency


January 16, 2014
KSBW News Report: Pajaro Valley considers water restrictions


January 15, 2014
Register Pajaronian Article: In face of record low rainfall, water officials looking toward conservation


January 14, 2014
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article: Lack of rain putting pressure on stressed Pajaro Valley groundwater supplies


January 14, 2014
Record-Bee Article on Water Waste


January 6, 2014
PVWMA Welcomes a New Director


December 17, 2013
PVWMA Celebrates a Record Year of Water Deliveries


October 28, 2013
Draft EIR Presented to Water Agency Board


October 24, 2013
PVWMA featured on KUSP Land Use Report with Gary Patton


October 17, 2013
Santa Cruz Sentinel Article on Court Appeals Upholding Agency Fees


October 16, 2013
Court of Appeal Upholds Agency Fees


September 26, 2013
Pajaro River watershed in line for $7.6 million state grant


September 22, 2013
Rebate to Encourage Graywater Use


September 20, 2013
A Silver Lining


September 19, 2013
The Future of Water Conservation


June 25, 2013
PVWMA Responds to Grand Jury Report


June 24, 2013
PVWMA Projects Critical to Coastal Agriculture


May 22, 2013
Agency Earns Four Million Dollar Grant


April 27, 2013
National Turn In Your Drugs Day


April 22, 2013
Local Farmer and Retired Fireman Appointed to Water Board


March 21, 2013
Recycle Water Tour Draws a Crowd


March 21, 2013
Director Cooley Resigns


March 20, 2013
Spring Newsletter


March 15, 2013
Salt & Nutrient Stakeholder Workshop


February 26, 2013
PVWMA Board Welcomes New Director


March 20, 2013
Director Osmer Resigns


November 9, 2012
2012 Basin Management Plan Update - Board Review Draft


August 15, 2012
Pajaro Valley Water Board Approves Plan


August 8, 2012
Pajaro Valley Water Board To Set Future Course


July 10, 2012
Salts, Nutrients and Groundwater


June 11, 2012
BMP Delivers Water Solutions


May 7, 2012
Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency awarded a $4 million grant


April 12, 2012
Water agency seeks public input on redistricting


January 12, 2012
Second court back water agency fee collection


January 9, 2012
Court backs water agency in fee lawsuit


November 7, 2011
Water agency receives $387,493.40 to help fund local projects


November 5, 2011
Water agency receives $387,493.40 to help fund local projects


August 21, 2011
Eating lunch and chatting about water


August 3, 2011
More than $11 million paid


July 22, 2011
PVWMA to update basin management plan


June 28, 2011
Engineering expertise to support water plan


June 24, 2011
Persoff appointed to fill water agency vacancy


May 9, 2011
PVWMA to seek changes in a very public way