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Annual Report

Annual Reporting Required
Section 124-506 of the Agency Act states, in part, “The agency shall prepare annually a report on groundwater supplies and conditions in the district, including groundwater management objectives and a plan of implementation of those objectives." 

The annual report contains summary information about the Agency's major activities for the year, audited budget information, project operations, conservation efforts and a summary of the state of the groundwater basin. The annual reports cover three overlapping periods: activity information for the previous calendar year; financial information from the prior fiscal year; and water information from the prior water year (ending Sept. 30).


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Budget & Audited Financial Statements

Current Reports

The most recent Annual Report is for the calendar year ending December 31, 2016 (PDF - 4.8 MBs).

Previous Annual Reports are available in our Annual Report Archives.

Printed versions of previous reports are available at the PVWMA office. Please call 722-9292 so that a copy of the report(s) can be made available.